G40 Summit Murals with Art Whino

This April part of the G40 Summit put on by Art Whino includes a line up of mural artists from around the globe. I will be flying out to Richmond, Virginia to paint a big mural. I will be in the area with a bunch of crew members from the Army of Snipers as well. Two of the crew members Angry Woebots and Pixel Pancho will also be working on walls too! I will be in the area from April 2nd through the 9th working hard, and enjoying a lot of the events. It you are in the area then this will not be something you can miss. Here is a link to the list of artists who will be working on murals. Click on the Art Whino to check it out~¬†Art Whino Look around on the site and check out some of the other stuff they got going on. They have been working crazy hard on this project and Art Whino from what I have seen at Art Basel Miami always puts together a nice show.