When I got an e-mail months ago from Kid Robot to go to Boulder and be a part of their official grand opening, I was blown away and honored. Years ago when Cardboard Spaceship helped introduce me to doing custom toys Kid Robot figures were obviously at the forefront of some of my favorite figures to work on. Over years of time I painted away and admired from a far the people that got the chance to have figures come out with them. In the past couple of years I was honored to be a part of their Fat Cap series and their 2012 Dunny series! I had such a great time up in Boulder with the whole staff. I can’t remember the last time I was treated so well. The people working up offices were humble, easy going and did everything they could to make me feel so comfortable. I can also say the same thing about the staff that was working down on the store. They were always asking me if there was something they could do and as I worked on customs, you could tell they enjoyed the culture when they talked to customers. The last part, but not the least was the great visitors and collectors that came out to see me. They were all so gracious as I took too long to draw on each figure and were all smiles as they waited and talked Toys 🙂 – Thank you so much to all of you! Probably the best part of painting the two 20 inch Dunny’s was that my talented wife Alisa made some custom outfits for them that I kept hidden until the last minute. I honestly think it is the best part of each figure! There was a drawing for each of the figures on Saturday and Sunday and it was really fun to see the faces of the people who won them.   I had to steal some progress photos from peoples Instagram ~