Lightsleepers in Hawaii

Last week Alisa and I had the chance to go to Honolulu, Hawaii and do a small tour with the Lghtsleepers crew. Both Lofa and Kavet set up some great walls for us and some different events. It just so happened that the Fat Cap series release with Kid Robot was the same week so we worked with a store called Prototype for a trading party! Kid Robot was kind enough to send some of my Europe exclusive Rhino figures to the store and you could score one by buying a case. Alisa and I also had a small show and signing at a store called In4mation where we had small pieces for sale and signed more figures. We were blessed by how great all the visitors were and the support we received for our work. Alisa sold out that night of all the Plush work we brought! The next couple posts will be some photos of our trip. Thanks Lightsleepers! scribe