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Denver Spraycation

At the end of October I got the chance to go to Denver and visit some old crew mates and hang out. It was much needed after the last several months of working on shows and the hospital projects I have had going on. I really just needed to laugh and be inspired by other Continue Reading

alisa sm

New Plush series from Alisa @40threads

For the past couple of months or more we have just had too much going on in our house. We have a family and that always means a lot of different directions. Alisa and I always try to make sure that all of this doesn’t overtake our family obligations and responsibilities. With that being said Continue Reading

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Party Owl Sculpts for Resin

The last several shows a character I have drawn in the past has started to come up a lot more. His name is Party Owl, wise dude, stock market player and at time takes up Bare Knuckle Fighting. In the coming weeks I am hoping to release limited resin casts of this new character to Continue Reading