New Plush series from Alisa @40threads

For the past couple of months or more we have just had too much going on in our house. We have a family and that always means a lot of different directions. Alisa and I always try to make sure that all of this doesn’t overtake our family obligations and responsibilities. With that being said and because I for some reason took on two shows in the same month, Alisa had to take on more of a supportive role. While I worked long hours at the hospital and then at home on the dining room table with paintings while the boys did homework and drawings, Alisa really kept us all on track. Thank you sweetie 🙂   Now all that stuff is all done and Alisa is back in full force for her next series of plush work and designs! She has a commission list right now she had to close so she didn’t over do it. She is also making making new rhino heads, customs and other plushie creatures for the web store so we can have stuff ready for the holidays. Last but not least, Alisa is working on a small series of plush characters for “Young Adult” show at Gallery1988 with the theme base off of Goosebumps, Sweet Valley High, Nancy Drew, and Babysitters Club. Keep a look out for the new goodness and follow her on instagram @40threads for sneak peaks and progress shots.