On October 5th along with the opening at the American Jazz Museum called Beyond Words I also had a different opening at the Blue Gallery in Kansas City. The show was a two man show with Bernal Koehrsen III and his part of the show was called Landscapes from the Spirit. Kelly and David Kuhn had asked Bernal back in the spring about who he would like to do a show with and I was blessed that he mentioned me! Bernal and I had always talked in passing about doing something together over the years and it finally was coming together in the right place.     Over months we both worked away while trying juggle our other lives and managed to pull together several collaborative pieces which we both had a blast doing. Below are some pictures some work, process photos, and opening shots. Thank you so much to Kelly and David from the Blue Gallery for giving us this chance to work together and with you guys in such a beautiful space. please check out the gallery at www.bluegalleryonline.com