Head Games with Alisa

“Head Games” is the new upcoming solo show with Alisa at Windhorse Tattooing and Art Gallery in Kansas City, Missouri. Windhorse Tattoo is a beautiful space in the Crossroads Art District. The front room of the Studio is the Gallery Space which is just the right size for a small solo show and is separate from the rest of the studio giving it a cozy and warm space for the artists to show their work. Mark the owner of Windhorse has done a wonderful job in creating a small gallery where he can also run his artistic business of high end custom tattoos. Alisa has been working really hard for a couple of months to refine her craft even more while finding a balance between a youthful feel of Plush work and adding an elegant sophistication. This new group of pieces takes you back to wanting to snuggle and mixes it with natural history museums and trophies. Here are a couple of progress shots and we hope you enjoy them ~