Like Water

dojo wall webMy kids take karate at a place called AKKA Karate in Kansas City. I have actually been painting this wall on and off for years. I originally got a job to paint this building back in like 1994 or 95 with painting a giant dragon down the side of the building. It later lead to us painting the front and the back of the building with several productions. This was the first time that I had ever tried to do the whole building on my own so I chipped away at it a couple hours at a time while my kids were in class and just enjoyed the quite time and the process of painting and not over think it. The entire piece was a freestyle which I had never done. I tend to stay away from the lettering stuff because I never seem to be happy with the way it comes out. I think my favorite part of doing this whole wall was not planning it and just letting it flow like water. It was strange to start on an black wall and just start painting an “s” without any direction. I grew up around the guys in ATT and DF who I really admire for their understanding of letter structure and flow. People like Gear, East, Emit, Rapes, and so many more always have a command that I think evey time I would start something, I couldn’t get away from comparing myself. When I started this wall I thought about them a lot but just had to remind myself that I needed to follow the directions I admire and be myself at the same time. Apply the standard structure as the bones and see how it comes out. I hope it worked out. I look forward to trying more. I hope you like it.   piecekarate 4karate 3karate 2karate 1